Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Latest Happenings

Hey! Sorry for, again, not updating in awhile!

After some delays with the third cycle, I have completed the final intensive sessions and now only have 2 small sessions of chemo left (ever)! Blood tests still show great things and I'm all but double confirmed to be free of cancer. :D

As for other happenings, a few weeks ago I dropped by SJAM (my high school) to talk to my guidance counselor and see what I can do in between now and next year (when I FINALLY get to go on exchange) to keep my mind going and not just sit here and watch TV, go on the computer, and play video games - which CAN and DOES get boring easier than some may think. If this is what retirement is like, I never want to retire.

My counselor said that I could do pretty much anything, I could come back for a semester, a course, 2 courses, to hang around and help out with other classes, whatever. They were really flexible about it. I'm still quelling it over... I also got a mini-surprise in that I found out that I was IN FACT going to be attending my official Class of '08 Graduation ceremony! I originally had thought that I wouldn't be a part of it simply because I hadn't told them I would be there (what with planning on being halfway around the world during it). SJAM was nice enough to pay for the graduation gown and the tickets for my family to attend (Thanks - especially to Mrs. Fairhall if you read this).

After I talked with my guidance counselor, I stayed for a couple hours to catch up with some 5th year students and I got to go to one of the new improv club sessions! There are lots of new faces - I was pleasantly suprised.

Graduation night - Everything went smoothly. I got to catch up with more people and there were some who hadn't heard of my recent ordeal. I got lots of well wishes and best-of-lucks for the future. It turns out they wouldn't give us our official diplomas until we returned the graduation gowns. They gave us a fake on stage that said something like "Thanks for trying" or something similar to the sorry messages under a coffee cup rim...

In other OTHER news, my hair has started to grow back. It looks pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Suddenly my staring into the mirror has become really mesmerizing....