Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm Sick

Not mentally or anything of course.

This is the first time in Japan I've actually been sick.
I'm into Day 5 of a nasty cold. It's incredibly boring to just sit at home all day and not do a lot. But hey, it gives me a chance to post this right?

I should mention that I moved host families at the start of the month. My new host family is 100% AWESOME :D

My host family has been really helpful in making sure I'm comfortable and have access to everything the dollar store/conbini has to offer in terms of cold relief. Yesterday I was telling my host mom how boring it was to just stay at home and she decided to take me to Hakui which is a more northern spot in Ishikawa prefecture. Beautiful place! It's another city right next to the ocean but much quieter than Kanazawa and with some really cool new sights to see. I'll have to go back when I'm not sick to fully enjoy it.

A side note, the NEXT set of outbounds from Canadian district already know what country they're going Time is frickin 飛んでいる

Thursday, January 21, 2010

If I Fed a Pet as Often as I Post Here, I'd Have A LOT of Dead Animals

Lovely title right? I made it with the visual people in mind :D

You must think I'm dead right now since I haven't posted in so long. And you'd BE RIGHT!! Click now to receive your free BS prize!!

The truth is much more simple, blog posts take time. Something of which I don't have a lot of - specifically my internet time is way way 少ない.

Gotta love that I now have 5 months worth of blog content and 35 minutes to post something.

My current life set up:

Living at 2nd host family's place. The dad is really awesome! He loves to try and repeat any English words I use or teach him. Example: *Dinner time* "Do-nt ureeabe uwauwanyshing"

Translation: Don't leave anything.

He repeats what I say because he knows he sounds funny.

It's a really funny contrast because I've got my host dad, my host mom, and a younger host sister (11 I think...) and my host dad's daily antics are barely even recognized by my host mom and sister. My host mom is a really 冷たい人...She only talks to me when she wants to point out something I did "wrong" or something that she wants me to do, always ending it with the most soul piercing "Wakatta?" I've ever heard. I won't use this blog to complain a lot since that's no fun to read (although some topics I could probably make interesting) - it also wouldn't give you a full picture on the awesome times I have here too.
I will say that I think my host dad is an incredibly awesome person for still being able to be so zany. My host 11 so just think of an 11 year old girl who likes to read books and does ballet. I'm not really sure how to describe her other than that.

I get up every morning around 6:20, take a shower (being the crazy gaijin I am I bathe myself in the morning), eat some breakfast (sometimes cereal, sometimes miso soup and onigiri) and then head off to the bus stop to wait for the bus that will take me to school. I could make an entire blog post about the FUN of riding busses to and from school with all the other students on the bus but for now I'll leave it be. Next is school, I've gone through that before so I won't repeat myself.

Now here's the new stuff, Tuesdays and Thursdays after school I have Japanese class at a local building called Rifare. It's me and a bunch of ALTs (Foreign English Assistants) learning intermediate Japanese grammar. We've gotten into stuff that's new to me now and I find that...exciting? I don't know, I guess I find it cool to go to class and then hear "Today we're learning THIS GRAMMAR" and then you realize you've heard that everywhere but never knew the meaning so it's kinda like I'm hearing "Remember those government fat cats who were talking in that secret code? WELL HERE'S EXACTLY WHAT THEY MEANT!!!"
Yes I just vaguely compared learning Japanese to being a spy of some sort.

Alright Agent Stryker, you've infiltrated their base...
Copy that Command
Now all you need to do is take down their top grammar particle agents ONE BY ONE
Agent Wo and Wa should be easy but don't take Agent Ni or Ga to lightly ok? You still need to be focused enough to take on Commander Keigo and those two guys are hiding all sorts of grammatical weapons
(If it were my host mom then it would be わかった

On other days, I go to Track and Field Club. See, my interests are things like playing guitar and writing comedy or making small movies and such. So...I though the BEST club to fit my strengths would be TRACK AND FIELD!!!!
It was more of a decision that I though I would try and branch out to something else (plus, Japanese conbini bread doesn't exactly make you more fit and muscular).
Club goes from 4:05 until.....7ish I'd say. It's the off season so everyone does things like weight training or running exercises. I recently got some weird injury with my left foot while running so I'm left with weight training, stretching, and situps and situp like exercises basically.

The weekends are left for me to relax. Sort of. Track and Field is usually on Saturday too. So...make that Sunday to relax (although my host mom tells me I have to wake up by a certain time for....what reason? I'm not sure exactly actually) <- I thought I wasn't going to complain

In other news, any and all hospital tests I've gotten here have shown that I'm all fine and dandy. Although the fact that I used "dandy" might be cause for concern...

I have tons more to post but I don't like massive posts. Till next time! (Also, new Australian exchange students are coming on Sunday :D )