Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm Sick

Not mentally or anything of course.

This is the first time in Japan I've actually been sick.
I'm into Day 5 of a nasty cold. It's incredibly boring to just sit at home all day and not do a lot. But hey, it gives me a chance to post this right?

I should mention that I moved host families at the start of the month. My new host family is 100% AWESOME :D

My host family has been really helpful in making sure I'm comfortable and have access to everything the dollar store/conbini has to offer in terms of cold relief. Yesterday I was telling my host mom how boring it was to just stay at home and she decided to take me to Hakui which is a more northern spot in Ishikawa prefecture. Beautiful place! It's another city right next to the ocean but much quieter than Kanazawa and with some really cool new sights to see. I'll have to go back when I'm not sick to fully enjoy it.

A side note, the NEXT set of outbounds from Canadian district already know what country they're going Time is frickin 飛んでいる

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J. Persson said...

Awesome that your an Exhange student in Japan. I'm hoping to become an exchange student in Japan too :3

Hope you've gotten better :)