Monday, September 8, 2008

Since chemo has started...

...I've been doing pretty good.

The first week was killer though. Monday through Friday with 3 1/2 hours connected to an IV plus driving time (about an hour and a half to London) and back makes for a chemo-centric day. By the end of the week, my mom said I wasn't looking so great and I was supposedly looking thin too. They have me on anti-nausea meds so I haven't run into that. Chemo makes me want to go to bed early though. Every night that week, I was in bed some where between 8 and 9 and waking up each morning around 7 ish.

Then I had the weekend off and BOY WAS I BORED. Since I didn't plan to still be in Canada right now, I didn't plan much in my life. I don't have school, work, anything. I've been keeping myself occupied with the computer, TV, and video games basically. Sometime around Monday it got a little better though. I no longer had the feeling of "everything bores me" but I REALLY don't want that again. Anybody have any suggestions? I'm considering learning another language (i.e. Thai) or brushing up on my Japanese. Maybe learn a new musical instrument? I dunno.

Last week I only had Tuesday and that was really easy. The treatment only lasted about an hour and it was only one type of chemo (as opposed to the long week where everyday consisted of at least two kinds). Since then I've felt great and my appetite has returned back to normal. It was really nice to have a week off. I go in tomorrow for another treatment like last weeks so it should have similar results. The only thing I've been worried about is some pain in my underarm area (which has lymph nodes in it). Hopefully it's nothing more than my body dealing with extra toxins :) EDIT: Turns out my worries were only worries. A doctor examined the area and said he found nothing except for the fact that the muscles in that area were tight

PS. Yesterday was the first day that I noticed some hair strands around where I've been. Yup, the hair loss has BEGUN MUHAHAHA

Also, thanks to everyone who has kept me in their thoughts and prayers :)


emmaelizabeth said...

[or you will be by the time you read this.. maybe]

I'm making you a Thai-tastic video [ie. me role playing thai so you can learn.. thats how cool of a person i am]
im going to see if suzanne wants to help me slash my thai friends so i dont look like an idiot where you say something and then change positions so you pretend to be the person who's talking to you.. i want real life action
it will be great
i can teach you all the thai basics
via video ;)
and maybe we can do the alphabet too
i will try to make it and send it soon.. i have been pretty busy [i am working out like EVERYDAY (today was yoga.. but it didnt really do much because i went and ate dessert right after.. muahahaha)] but then once you ge thte first video you can tell me if it helps and then i can make more!!
i want you to be thai fluent when you get here.. AND YOU BETTER
oh btw. peter was under the impresion you withdrew so i told him you were coming and that your families need to be on the alert because you may just pop up at any moment. he wants you to email him.
[though im sure you have and he hasn't answered]
anyways.. this is becoming more of a message and less of a comment

love you my dear friend <3

this is what i have to type :
cyxswpg .. say that 10 times fast.

Suzy Q said...

Hi Jared! EXTRA greetings from Nakhon Phanom, I'm sure you'll speak thai wonderfully with our help.
You can even say, No thank you, I'm NOT hungry. Which you will need. Yes you will, unless you WANT to eat boiled pigs feet in a mint broth. Yes, that's right, pigs feet in mint broth. And just a little cheer, "I'm so RON for RON!"