Sunday, December 14, 2008

December Already?

I always have to start these posts with an apology for not updating sooner. I guess I don't want two sentence posts or meaningless posts but then I forget to update and I leave everybody hanging there waiting to hear what's happened.

I officially finished my chemo sessions on November 25th! Done! Forever! I took a nice montage of videos but unfortunately the format they are in is not compatible with my (primitive) video editing program so it's just kinda sitting here on my computer for now. Let's just say I set up a finish line in the doorway then ran through it. ;)

I went in for a follow up with my oncologist the week after and she told me about how I have the CT scan at the end of this month to confirm that everything is gone. She's anticipating that I should be fine (which is always nice to hear from a professional)! The thing that kinda bugs me is that now that I know that certain pains can be associated with certain things, anytime I get like a sore back or a rib out of place or think I feel something abnormal it really gets on my nerve. I know that it's most likely nothing to worry about but it just kinda lingers in my head (which it shouldn't). For example, I thought I felt something abnormal in a place that was troubling so I went to my doctor and he didn't find anything. He also sent me for an ultrasound and it showed nothing. But now I'm curious as to what I felt since it did occasionally cause minor pain. I think what I have to come to terms with is that my body has been through a lot and I'm bound to get the occasional pain or weird feeling. Once I get the CT scan, I think I'll be able to relax easier.

Lately I've been visiting my school Thursdays at lunch to perform and practice improv with the team (of which I'm currently an honorary member until I'm officially a student again). In the past week or two, I got to perform improv with the team for "Arts Fusion Night." We've done nights like this in the past and we've always been a hit (this night was no different). It was lots of fun.

So, what's coming up soon? Well, on Christmas Day I'll turn 18 (yeah yeah, Christmas baby, I must have been a nice present, So you're like Jesus? Half/Double the presents? etc. etc.) so that's exciting. I hav ethe CT scan right around the end of the year and on January 8th to 9th I'll be at the Rotary weekend where the outbounds meet each other for the first time. How many people can say they've done that TWICE?

I want to thank all the people reading this blog - especially those who have posted a comment. It's great to hear the supportive and positive things you guys have to say. Thanks!

P.S. I lost my hair again :( Oh well, my hair should come back around the end of the year and then it stays!


Anonymous said...

Jared don't worry about losing your hair - it will make it soo much easier when you're mid 40's and it goes for GOOD LOL - Merry Christmas and maybe Santa can bring you a nice retro wig complete with the brushover.... kidding...

Suzy Q said...

YEs, we had some extra fun on christmas, you'll be getting a result of it in the mail some day... and yes it was the brazilian you know. Life's pretty good. Have you decided what country you'll be going to? I hope you are happy with your choice, I'm sure you'l have an amazing experience no matter where you go.
Maybe some day I'll get to meet you?

emmaelizabeth said...

i stil need to see these pictures with the rocker wig and afro

maybe send them for my birthday?! ;) abhahaha

do you start school again in february for like the second semesteR? coming up soon
i wish i could come and see your open mic night thing - sounds really fun. i can't wait to lsiten to the song you made me, but i left my jump drive at home and i'm at an internet cafe... maybe next time

love you oodlessssss!!!!!!