Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm in Japan!!

I made it! What a loooooong flight! Today is my second (full) day in Japan. Unfortunately right now I only have access to internet through my host family's computer. I've written down stuff that's happened so far and once my host family fixes their wifi connection (a familiar scenario for me haha) I'll do a bigger, better update. Like a sequel to a movie. Except it won't suck.

On another note, Japanese tv is basically sports and round table discussion talk shows during the day. Denzel Washington was on a Japanese show and all the Japanese hosts reacted to him as if they couldn't believe he was there. They felt his abs and compared it to themselves and then they made him throw a little toy and a glass pane for some reason. I dunno.

Will update later! Until then, enjoy!


ashleighanne said...

the talk shows are absolutely halarious.
do the shows you watch also have many brian teasers?

Jared Stryker said...

Yes! Those are awesome!! Yesterday I was watching them show pictures and then comparing the answers between people in the East and people in the West. Interesting stuff for sure :)

sally said...

You might be very good and ideal excangestudent,arn't you!!

Do your best!

sally said...

I like your video.I appended my blog.It is alright,isn't it?

Jared Stryker said...

Yeah that's fine.